Biometric Security

hand-upPhysical access • Computer security • Identification and authentication

Unique Features
Each person has unique physical characteristics that can be used to secure objects and locations. The pattern of irises, fingerprints and palms, with each individual differently.

You are the key
In biometric security, we use these unique characteristics. We make keys of palms and fingerprints. Because everyone is carrying this unique key, We are then able to accurately and reliably identify and authorize the admission of persons. Whether it's your business, house or car, with biometric security you decide to whom you grant access to your property.

Our biometric products
Recogtech offers high quality products using the latest biometric technologies. We only work with the leading companies in this field. Example, we use the Palm vein technology from Fujitsu.

Recogtech, stands for biometric security.

  • Recogtech winner SSA Award

    ssa-awardThe many developmental work of recent years was awarded with the SSA Award. Recogtech specializes in the latest generation of biometric solutions. Is a partner of Fujitsu, the vein pattern recognition technology (PalmSecure) in the Netherlands. And is this point for the Dutch market for this product. Recogtech also brings a unique patented

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  • Video: amazing way to open a door

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  • How does biometric security works?

    beveiligingBetter security is not conceivable. But exactly how does this security? While most biometric scanning techniques based on the surface characteristics of humans